Message From the Desk of Principal

Principl (B.Ed.), Baidyanath Shukla College of Education, Vaishali, Bihar

This has been my feeling ever since the inception of Baidyanath Shukla College of Education, Vaishali, Bihar that the traditions should inculcate high standard of learning, attachment of indian culture and development of a well directed vision in the students. I wish wherever they go, they should keep the college flag flying high. We are committed to provide high quality education coupled with a sound infrastructure to our students. We strive to tone their personality on one to one basis and make them realize their potential in their chosen specialization. We call for the students to attain knowledge at our instigates to reach success in their respective fields and to achieve their personal and social objective. We wish them best of luck for their future endeavors.

Supervised and supported by a band of young enthusiasts, both male and female, committed for
imparting quality education for becoming generation of studies from all-over India, Baidyanath Shukla College of Education, Vaishali, Bihar have make a mark even in their infancy with solid footprints. In addition, highly experienced and qualified Core and Visiting Faculty; updated latest Teaching Devices, Laboratories, Library and Internet Facilities have increased the effectivity of a decent campus with congenial atmosphere.

A student-teacher is to be prepared, in these scientifically designed courses of B.Ed. or B.A.B.Ed./B.Sc.B.Ed. After successful completion of the course these trainee become full fledged teachers and take responsibility of teaching future generation of India for their all round development and healthy growth. In the era in which an human being is ready to finish its own existence, an ideal teacher is a ray of hope.